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Ouch! The High Cost of Medical Care

Discussion Date: December 19, 2013


Cover Image Getting Old Without Getting Anxious : Conquering Late-Life Anxiety
Rabins, Peter V.
New York : Avery, 2005.

Geriatric psychiatrist Dr. Peter Rabins explains that the many changes that occur as a person ages can trigger severe and life-altering anxiety, often destroying lives. Yet Dr. Rabins shows that experiencing life as an older person does not mean living in fear, and he provides the tools to help people break free from the debilitating grasp of their disorders.

Cover Image The Depression Workbook : A Guide for Living with Depression and Manic Depression
Copeland, Mary Ellen.
Oakland, CA : New Harbinger Publications, c2001.

Includes new medical and holistic perspectives and extensive lists of helpful resources and Web sites that will assist you in your journey to wellness. More than a hundred case stories are shared and the most current therapeutic strategies are explained.

Cover Image Anxiety & Depression Workbook for Dummies
Elliott, Charles H., 1948-
Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2006.

This hands-on guide focuses on helping you pinpoint the root of your problems and find relief from your symptoms in a detailed, step-by-step manner. With concise, eye-opening exercises, you'll understand how to assess your current situation, remove the roadblocks to change, face your fears, and improve your view of yourself and the world around you. You'll see how to take direct action to alter negative or distorted thinking, lift your moods, and adopt positive habits that will lead you toward a more joyful, meaningful, and connected life.

Cover Image The 10 Best-Ever Depression Management Techniques : Understanding How Your Brain Makes You Depressed & What You Can Do to Change it
Wehrenberg, Margaret.
New York : Norton & Company, 2010.

Drawing on cutting-edge neuroscience research, Wehrenberg skillfully describes what happens in the brain of a depression sufferer and what specific techniques can be used to alter brain activity and control its range of disabling symptoms. Containing practical, take-charge tips from a seasoned clinician, this book presents the ten most effective strategies for moving from lethargy into action, taking charge of your brain, and breaking free from depression to find hope and happiness.


25 Ways to Find Joy and Balance During the Holidays

Coping with Depression During the Holidays: Emotional Survival Guide for the Holidays

Stress, Depression and the Holidays: Tips for Coping

How to Beat the Holiday Blues

Health: Beating the Blues
Karen Springen
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How to Avoid Holiday Tensions
USA Today (Magazine). 127.2643 (Dec. 1998): p6.

How to Avoid Holiday Depression
USA Today (Magazine). 124.2607 (Dec. 1995): p5.

Erase Those Holiday Blues: Helpful Hints for Holiday Happiness
William A. McDowell and Roberta L. Messner
Vibrant Life. 8.6 (November-December 1992): p13.

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